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Next Dimension Engineering can provide solutions and services from the conception of an idea to the outsourcing of production, and all points in between.

Innovative Engineering Solutions
At Next Dimension Engineering, we take a fresh and innovative approach to each and every design. Our engineering and design solutions are always original and rarely ordinary.

Design/Solid Modeling
We create solid models using Pro/ENGINEER and SolidWorks. Nearly any type of file format can be imported or exported from this system, making it easy to connect into an existing structure.

We use Pro/MECHANICA and ANSYS to perform finite element analysis and optimization. These programs allow boundary conditions and other forces to be applied to a model. The model can then be analyzed through numerous outputs including stress, deformation, modal, and thermal. Optimization of design parameters based on these analyses and pre-defined goals and limits is then performed, resulting in the best possible product.

Motion Analysis
Next Dimension Engineering can perform motion analysis on assemblies with moving parts and create full working assembly models.

Prototype Production
We can produce prototype parts and assemblies either in-house or through our own suppliers.

Product Testing
Next Dimension Engineering has a network of qualified testers who can provide experienced, educated feedback on many types of products, including recreational equipment.


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